PRAOPAMP Evaluation Board

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The Universal Precision Op Amp Evaluation Boards has been designed and optimized for many circuit configurations allowing the users to best suit their applications. These boards are all RoHs Compliant. See references below on what board to order by lead count and package.

  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1KSZ (Single 5-Lead SC70) KS-5
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RJZ (Single 5-Lead SOT 23) RJ-5
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RMZ (Single 8-Lead MSOP) RM-8
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RZ (Single 8-Lead SOIC) R-8
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RMZ (Dual 8-Lead MSOP) RM-8
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RZ (Dual 8-Lead SOIC) R-8
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-4RUZ (Quad 14-Lead TSSOP) RU-14
  • EVAL-PRAOPAMP-4RZ (Quad 14-Lead SOIC) R-14


  • See UG-670 for Evaluating Universal Precision High-Voltage Op Amps in SOIC Packages
  • See AN-692 for Universal Precision Op Amp Evaluation Board information.
  • See AN-734 for Universal Single Op Amp SC70 Package.
  • See AN-732 for Universal Single Op Amp SOIC Package.
  • See AN-735 for Universal Single Op Amp SOT-23 Package.
  • See AN-733 for Universal Single Op Amp MSOP Package.
  • See AN-763 for Universal Dual Op Amp SOIC, TSSOP and MSOP Packages.
  • See AN-797 for Universal Quad Op Amp SOIC and TSSOP Packages.


Price, packaging, availability

PRAOPAMP Evaluation Board
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1KSZ Status: Production Single 5 Lead SC70 (KS-5) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RJZ Status: Production Single 5-Lead SOT 23 (RJ-5) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RMZ Status: Production Single 8 Lead MSOP (RM-8) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-1RZ Status: Production Single 8-Lead SOIC (R-8) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2CPZ Status: Production Dual 8-Lead LFCSP (CP) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RMZ Status: Production Dual 8-Lead MSOP (RM-8) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-2RZ Status: Production Dual 8-Lead SOIC (R-8) Eval Board $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-4RUZ Status: Production Quad 14-Lead TSSOP (RU-14) $20.19 Yes -
EVAL-PRAOPAMP-4RZ Status: Production Quad 14-Lead SOIC (R-14) $20.19 Yes -

Pricing displayed is based on 1-piece. The USA list pricing shown is for budgetary use only, shown in United States dollars (FOB USA per unit), and is subject to change. International prices may vary due to local duties, taxes, fees and exchange rates.

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