Особенности и преимущества

  • Strong MISRA compliance and validated using advanced verification tools
  • Great range of protocols as well as support for both IPv4 and IPv6, providing flexibility and long-term network compatibility
  • For management and security applications, supports IPsec/IKE, TLS (to 1.3)/DTLS, EAP, SNMP, NTP and SNTP, SSH, and NAT
  • Small Footprint, High Throughput, Low CPU Cycle Operation

Supported Protocols:

  • Network layer: IPv4/IPv6, ICMP, IGMP, IPsec and IKEv2, MLD, NAT, NDP and RIP
  • Application Layer: DHCP Client for IPv4/IPv6, DHCP Server, DNS Client, ESMTP, FTP Client/Server, HTTP(S) Client/Server, MQTT Client, NTP Client, SMTP, SNMP, SNTP client, Telnet and TFTP
  • Transport Layer: TLS and DTLS, TLS 1.3, Sockets, SSH, TCP and UDP
  • Datalink layer: ARP, PPP and PPPoE

Please visit the HCC Embedded Networking page for more details.

Подробнее о продукте

An innovative approach to design has resulted in an extremely high-speed data transfer rate, with minimal system resource requirements. Tests have shown that packet processing runs up to four times faster than comparable embedded stacks, while using around 14 KB of ROM, in a typical application scenario (based on measurements using a LPC2468 MCU).

RAM requirements can vary widely depending on application needs but are typically as low as 12kB. It is possible, with a minimum configuration UDP application, to use less than 5kB of ROM and a few hundred bytes of RAM (plus network buffers).

Please visit the HCC Embedded Networking page for more details.

Загрузки и соответствующее программное обеспечение

Связующее программное обеспечение (Middleware)

HCC Embedded USB Device and Host Stacks

HCC’s Embedded’s USB stacks are mature, widely-used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration.

HCC Embedded FAT File System

HCC Embedded’s FAT file system is full-featured and optimized for use in embedded applications that need to attach FAT 12/16/32-compliant media to a product.

Linux Add-In for ADSP-SC5xx

Linux kernel and development tools for the ADSP-SC5xx processor family

FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors

FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors is a Real Time Operating System for Analog Devices Processors.

Стек Lightweight TCP/IP (lwIP)

Стек Lightweight TCP/IP (lwIP) для CrossCore Embedded Studio – это реализация широко используемого стека TCP/IP для встраиваемых платформ, поддерживающая большинство сетевых протоколов TCP/IP.

Инструменты разработки ПО

CrossCore® Embedded Studio

CrossCore Embedded Studio – это интегрированная среда разработки (IDE) мирового уровня для процессоров семейств Blackfin и SHARC.

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