Microprocessor Systems Handbook, 1977


Microprocessor Systems Handbook, D. P. Burton and A. L. Dexter, Analog Devices, 1977.

This book was written at a time when A/D and D/A converters were first being interfaced to microprocessors. It covers the fundamentals of microprocessor hardware and software as well as the A/D and D/A converter interface. The AD574 12-bit SAR ADC was introduced in 1978 and was the first 12-bit ADC with a microprocessor-compatible interface. 

Microprocessor Systems Handbook is available for download.

Preface and Table of Contents (pdf)
Chapter 1: Operation of a Simple Microcomputer (pdf)
Chapter 2: Memory Addressing (pdf)
Chapter 3: Input-Output Operations (pdf)
Chapter 4: Bus Structures and Hardware Interconnection with the Microprocessor (pdf)
Chapter 5: Internal Architectures of Microprocessors (pdf)
Chapter 6: Memories (pdf)
Chapter 7: A/D and D/A Conversion Methods (pdf)
Chapter 8: Using A/D and D/A Converters with Microcomputers (pdf)
Chapter 9: Applications of Microprocessors (pdf)
Appendix: Bibliography and Index (pdf)
Microprocessor Systems Handbook, 1977, pdf file of entire book