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設計ファイルのダウンロード 609.24 K


The DS28E18 is an easy-to-use bridge integrated circuit (IC) that operates as a 1-Wire® slave device to a host controller. The IC provides a 512-byte command sequencer loaded with commands and control data to operate an I2C or SPI device interfaced to the DS28E18. Once loaded, the host controller sends a 1-Wire command to autonomously execute the sequence, power, and collect data from the attached peripherals. A subsequent 1-Wire command reads the collected data. The power for the attached sensors or peripherals is sourced from the 1-Wire line, enabling a very efficient solution to remotely power and control complex devices such as environmental sensors, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and display controllers. The MAXREFDES9002 is a reference design showcasing the DS28E18 that demonstrates how to implement a simple 1-Wire master using only a microcontroller’s GPIO pins. To demonstrate this, this reference design provides a GPIO-based 1-Wire library designed for an ARM® Cortex® M4 microcontroller, such as the MAX32660, with example programs for interfacing an I2C or SPI device connected to a DS28E18.



  • Power and communication to I2C and SPI sensors through two wires
  • 512-byte command sequencer for autonomous operation
  • Up to 10mA at 3.3V sensor power derived from 1-Wire
  • Up to 100m distance with the 1-Wire interface
  • Example C-code demonstrates how to interface to I2C and SPI sensors


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