TechClip Videos – Real, Repeatable Performance

With the advent of internet services like YouTube, product videos have become an important means for manufacturers to demonstrate the capabilities of their wares to customers, consumers and businesses alike. However, much like the products themselves, the quality and content of all product videos is not the same.

Inspired by automotive video reviews, Linear Technology introduced TechClip product demonstration videos for our µModule Power Product line with two guiding principles - that they must be Real and Repeatable. Real means exercising a readily available demonstration board with a typical production module on the bench, rather than a handpicked module or circuit simulation. Repeatable means stating all test conditions including: external components, operating voltages, currents, multimeter & oscilloscope connections, slew rates, and other pertinent information so anyone can duplicate our results on the bench.

For convenience, TechClip videos are limited to 1-2 minutes in length and cover a broad range of topics such as operating efficiency, output noise, current sharing, debugging, thermal and load transient performance. Each video is carefully recorded to ensure that the circuit under test has its meters and/or oscilloscope clearly visible, eliminating the possibility of introducing a misleading or altered result. Moreover, the camera pans and zooms to show intricate details of the test setup much like the automotive reviews which inspired the TechClip videos. All these details are intended to show how you can easily experience the same performance too.

I invite you to view our extensive library of µModule Power Product Techclip Videos today; then consider obtaining one of our demo boards to try it yourself.


LTM4641 TechClip - Efficiency Test





Willie Chan