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      The Intelligent Edge is having a transformational impact across industries—perhaps nowhere more so than in industrial manufacturing. Successful manufacturers are leveraging Intelligent Edge technologies to enable greater productivity while also enhancing sustainable industrial processes. But unforeseen roadblocks could lie ahead for manufacturers trying to navigate the Intelligent Edge landscape.

      Watch highlights of this executive panel, held in partnership with the Financial Times, featuring leaders from the industrial manufacturing ecosystem as they uncover the challenges to improve productivity and industrial sustainability through Intelligent Edge technologies. Hear thought-provoking insights from industry experts including Martin Cotter, Senior Vice-President of Industrial and Multi-Markets, Analog Devices.

      Featured Participants:

      • Martin Cotter, Senior Vice-President, Industrial and Multi-Markets, Analog Devices, Inc.
      • Ellie Amirnasr, Director of Digital Ventures; Mann + Hummel
      • Emmanuel Routier, Vice President Smart Industries; Orange Business Solutions
      • Aurélien Le Sant, Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Automation; Schneider Electric
      • Moderator: Sylvia Pfeifer, Financial Times

      Featured Video Segments:

      Emission Reduction Challenges for Factories

      The transition to more efficient, precisely controlled motors will require retrofitting a significant install base. While the immediate investment will be significant, greater efficiencies will create big dividends down the road in terms of financial and sustainability gains.

      Driving Efficiency for End-use Applications

      Silicon is now able to drive more architectural efficiency. In fact, new technologies can lead to a 2x improvement in efficiency for an end application. While these transformational solutions are happening across industries— with much faster timelines—the key is for companies to understand these are not one-size-fits-all solutions.

      Using an Open-source Model to Tackle Complex Problems

      Most successful sustainability initiatives involve multiple companies, leveraging multiple disciplines, to collaborate on reaching a common goal. Smart manufacturers understand this open-source model of problem solving will now act as the template to accelerate future results.