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      Unprecedented shifts in consumer demand have coupled with bottlenecks in sourcing, production, and shipping, creating significant challenges across the industrial supply chain. As organizations address these disruptions, many are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate their operations, taking a more holistic view with the goal of making supply chains more sustainable while also delivering resilience, flexibility, and efficiency. Martin Cotter, Analog Devices’ SVP of Industrial and Multi-Markets, joined a panel of experts for the Financial Times’ 2021 Future of Manufacturing event to discuss how industry is addressing issues like decarbonization and reshoring in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Featured Participants:

      • Martin Cotter, Senior Vice President, Industrial and Multi-Markets at Analog Devices
      • Petra Hissink, Global Director Sustainable Development at Heineken
      • Manuel Ceja, Director—Product Supply End to End Sustainability at Procter & Gamble
      • Harry Dempsey, Industry Reporter at Financial Times (Moderator)

      Featured Video Segments:

      Changes in Supply Chain Strategies

      In this panel framer, Martin Cotter shares his perspective on how organizations across industries are re-thinking their supply chain priorities in response to the COVID pandemic.

      Decarbonizing the Supply Chain

      Consumers and companies alike are concerned about CO2 emissions. Analog Devices’ Martin Cotter and a panel of experts share their organizations’ ambitions for de-carbonization.

      Next Steps for Supply Chain Sustainability

      As supply chains are being reconfigured in response to global disruptions, it is an important opportunity to improve sustainability and pursue science-based objectives. Analog Devices’ Martin Cotter and a panel of experts share their thoughts on how organizations need to think about the challenges and opportunities of this change.