Features and Benefits

  • ADuM4195-1 isolated amplifier in a SOIC-8 package
  • ADuM6028-5BRIZ isolated on-board power supply
  • Isolated 5 V DC accessible through extra terminals
  • Two separate input options:
    • Maximum 1,000 V DC pre-configured
    • User-configurable maximum 200 V DC
  • Input reverse-polarity protection

Product Details

The EVAL-ADuM4195-1EBZ is a compact isolated DC voltage monitoring board with an isolated on-board power supply to facilitate the setup and testing of the performance characteristics of the ADUM4195-1.

On the input side of the board, two separate inputs are available: The P1000 input is pre-configured to accept up to 1 kV DC, while the P200 input can be user-configured for voltages up to 200 V DC. Additional connectors provide access to the isolated 5 V DC supply and the shutdown (SD) input of the ADUM4195-1.

On the output side of the board, the output of the ADUM4195-1 is directly accessible (pre-configured) or may be first-order low-pass filtered by adding a resistor and a capacitor. A single 5 V DC supply is sufficient to power both the input and output side of the board, while the optional power disable (PDIS) pin can be used to disable the on-board supply in applications where low-power consumption is at premium.

Full specifications for the ADuM4195-1 are available in the ADuM4195-1 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with the user guide when working with the EVAL-ADuM4195-1EBZ.

Getting Started


  • Power supply, 5 V DC ±10%, 50 mA
  • Adjustable DC voltage source, 0 to 1 kV
  • 2 × DMM, 5 and one-half digit