Features and Benefits

  • Input voltage 4.0 V to 6.7 V
  • High current terminals for ADP5061 power connection (VINx), system voltage (ISO_Sx), and battery voltage (ISO_Bx) pins
  • ADP5061 operation configurable via I2C interface
  • Evaluation software included

Product Details

The ADP5061 charger evaluation system is composed of an evaluation board, an USB A-to-USB Micro B cable, and an USB A adapter board. All evaluation board functions and circuits are controlled via one I2C bus connector. The I2C bus interfaces with the ADP5061 directly, and the digital input/output signals are controlled through an on-board input/output expander circuit on the I2C bus. The evaluation board also features a 3.4 V regulator for VDDIO generation. The board contains jumpers and numerous test points for easy evaluation.

The ADP5061CB-EVALZ evaluation kit contains a CD with the ADP5061 graphical user interface (GUI) Version 3.0 installer. Use the GUI in conjunction with the USB-SDP-CABLEZ USB to serial I/O interface.

Full performance details are provided in the ADP5061 data sheet, and the ADP5061 data sheet should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide.