Features and Benefits

  • Does not require software to operate
  • Runs from dual supply (±7 to ±15 V)
  • Gain selection through DIP switches
  • Numerous test points for external stimulus
  • Signal paths use SMA connectors

Product Details

The AD8253-EVALZ user guide details how the AD8253-EVALZ evaluation board evaluates the AD8253. The user guide outlines the basic connections required to evaluate the AD8253 and describes the switch settings available to obtain desired outputs.

Many configuration options are available on the AD8253-EVALZ evaluation board that allow additional input filtering and output filtering if there is a noisy environment. The logic control is covered with an on-board 5.0 V regulator and a dual in-line package (DIP) switch. However, these logic signals can be overridden and clipped on by way of the on-board test points if the DIP switch has each position set to open.