Features and Benefits

  • ADM3053 signal and power isolated CAN transceiver
  • ADM2582E signal and power isolated full/half duplex RS-485 transceiver
  • 2-layer PCB withlow radiated emissions,passes EN55032 Class A
  • Independent on-board LDO regulators for 6 V to 9 V supply, providing 5 V to the ADM3053 and ADM2582E supply pins
  • Screw terminal connectors include
    • A 6 V to 9 V external supply input to LDO regulators
    • Direct power supply to VCC pins (ADM2582E)
    • Direct power supply tothe VIO pins (ADM3053and ADM2582E)
    • TXD pin, RXD pin, RE_N pin, and DE pin signals
    • CAN fieldbus pins, CANH and CANH
    • RS-485 fieldbus pins, Y, Z, A, and B
  • Galvanically isolated CAN and RS-485 fieldbus ports

Product Details

Based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology, the ADM3053 and the ADM2582E integrate logic side, signal isolation channels with an Analog Devices isoPower® dc-to-dc converter to provide regulated, isolated power. The EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ evaluation board demonstrates best practices for layout on a 2-layer printed circuit board (PCB). This board has been tested according to EN 55032 and has passed Class A limits.

The EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ, as shipped, is populated with the ADM3053 signal and power isolated transceiver for controller area network (CAN) and the ADM2582E signal and isolated transceiver for RS-485. The EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ allows access to all of the input and output functions of both transceivers.

While the ADM3053 and the ADM2582E are not directly pin-compatible, the EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ can be alternately populated with either two ADM3053 devices or two ADM2582E devices.

Full specifications on the ADM3053 and the ADM2582E can be found in the ADM3053 and the ADM2582E data sheets, available from Analog Devices, and must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ.