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Demonstration circuit 2718A is a no-opto flyback converter featuring the LT8316. The demo board outputs 12V and maintains tight regulation with a load current from 30mA to 3A. It is optimized to operate over a wide 100V to 600V DC input voltage range. Output voltage accuracy stays within ±5% over the entire input voltage and load range.

The LT8316 is a high voltage flyback controller. No optoisolator is needed for regulation. The part samples the output voltage from the isolated flyback waveform appearing across a third winding on the transformer. Quasi-resonant boundary mode operation improves load regulation. The LT8316 is available in a thermally enhanced 20-pin TSSOP package with four pins removed for high-voltage spacing.

The LT8316 data sheet gives a complete description of the part, operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with this quick start guide for demo circuit 2718A. 

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