Features and Benefits

  • Allows utilization of GMSL serializer EV kits with a wide range of cameras having 15-pin or 22-pin ribbon cable connectors such as the RPI Camera
  • Allows utilization of GMSL deserializer EV kits with various processing platforms supporting the 15-pin or 22-pin ribbon cable camera connector, such as the Raspberry Pi or the Nvidia development platforms

Product Details

The AD-GMSLCAMRPI-ADP# enables connecting GMSL serializer and deserializer EV kits to a wide range of cameras and processing platforms supporting industry standard ribbon cable connectors. The adapter consists of three sections that can be broken apart from each other, having with the following functionalities:

  • Two ribbon cable adapters containing a 15-pin and a 22-pin connector routed to each other. The 15-pin connector supports 2 MIPI lanes, while the 22-pin connector supports 4 MIPI lanes.
  • A GMSL serializer EV kit adapter with two 22-pin ribbon cable connectors, for connecting cameras to either of the input MIPI ports of the GMSL serializers
  • A GMSL deserializer EV kit adapter with a22-pin ribbon cable connector connected to each of the output MIPI ports, for connecting to Raspberry Pi and Nvidia development platforms, or other processing platform supporting the 15-pin or 22-pin ribbon cable connector. A USB Type-A connector is available to supply 5V @ 4A.

For a detailed look at all GMSL-2 features, including information on how to use the parts, see the newest GMSL-2 User Guide found in Analog Devices’ GMSL customer portal folder. For more information on how to design customized hardware with GMSL2 devices, see the newest GMSL2 Hardware Design Guide in Analog Devices’ GMSL customer portal folder. Finally, in the similar folders, evkit documentation and guides can be found.


  • High-Resolution Camera Systems
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Documentation & Resources