Product Details

The ADXL362 Development Board is an easy-to-use tool designed to shorten application development time by enabling data collection and firmware development on an existing hardware platform.

To highlight the ultralow power consumption offered by the ADXL362, the board is designed as a low-power platform. Communications and processing are performed by a Renesas RL78/G13 ultralow power microcontroller, and firmware is written in C. An e-paper display shows numeric or graphical output, depending on the firmware loaded. The board is fully programmable via USB, and a development environment and header files are available from Renesas. Schematics and layout are provided so that the platform can be duplicated in the final application, having already been tested with the application firmware.

The board is pre-configured as a motion-activated on/off switch. Other firmware examples available are a tilt sensor, a datalogger, and a real-time data viewer (provided with a GUI that graphs real-time acceleration data on a computer screen). The board can be powered over USB, with a CR2450 coin cell battery, or from an external supply. Supplied with the board are the e-paper display, a USB cable, and a microSD card for logging data.

Other evaluation tools available for the ADXL362 are the GUI-based real-time evaluation system, EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP, and a simple Breakout Board, refer to the EVAL-ADXL362Z

System Requirements

  • To use the board, only a CR2450 coin cell battery is needed.
  • To load existing firmware onto the board, a USB cable and a Windows computer with the Renesas Flash Programmer (download here) * are required.
  • To write and compile firmware for the board, the Renesas CubeSuite+ IDE (download here) * can be used.