Features and Benefits

  • Supports CAN Flexible Data rate (CAN FD) communications port with an integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter
  • Auxiliary isolated digital channel for runtime configuration of the bus termination
  • Reduced power standby state and remote wake-up request supported
  • Form Factor Compatible with Arduino

Product Details

EVAL-ADM3055E-ARDZ is an Arduino Uno compatible Shield for an isolated controller area network with flexible data rate (CAN FD) communications port. The circuit interfaces to the local development platform via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) providing a simple method to add field bus communication to new and existing designs. EVAL-ADM3055E-ARDZ enables both the higher bandwidth CAN FD data rates (up to 8Mbps) demanded by modern multi-node CAN FD networks and the rugged electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance required by industrial environments.

The circuit uses the integrated auxiliary isolated digital channel of the ADM3055E transceiver for runtime configuration of the bus termination. The switchable termination circuitry connects a 120 Ω split termination with common-mode filtering capacitor between the CAN FD bus lines. Switchable termination allows on-the-fly software configuration of termination locations when the CAN FD bus is physically altered. Using switchable termination, each node can be used at any physical location without mechanical changes to the nodes and software can track the position of terminations in the network.

Additionally, the circuit can be set by the development platform to a reduced power standby state. While in the standby state, the isolated CAN FD communications port will notify the development platform of a remote wake-up request being transmitted by a remote CAN FD node to the CAN FD bus.

With the ADM3055E CAN FD transceiver, the circuit provides reinforced signal and power isolation between the node and CAN FD bus. Electrical connection to the CAN FD bus may be made either by screw terminal or the CAN CiA 303-1 male 9-pin sub-D port. Because the ADM3055E transceiver has an integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter, it does not require external power to be present on the CAN FD bus. The examples focus on CAN FD networks however this circuit is backwards compatible with classical CAN networks.