2×, 31.76 W, Digital Input, Filterless Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier

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  • Digital input stereo, high efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • Operates from a single 4.5 V to 16.5 V supply
  • State-of-the-art, proprietary, filterless Σ-Δ modulation
    • 106.5 dB SNR at PO = 8.1 W, RL = 8 Ω, AV = 19 dB, PVDD = 12 V, A weighted
    • 0.004% THD + N at 5 W into 8 Ω
    • 38.5 μV rms output voltage noise, f = 20 Hz to 20 kHz, A weighted, PVDD = 16 V, 8 Ω
  • Pop and clickless on and off sequence
  • 2× 14.67 W output at 12 V supply to 4 Ω loads at <1% THD + N
  • 2× 14.4 W output at 16 V supply to 8 Ω loads at <1% THD + N
  • Mono mode for increased maximum output power
  • 1× 49.69 W output at 16 V supply to 2 Ω loads at <1% THD + N
  • Support for low impedance loads
    • As low as 3 Ω/5 μH in stereo mode
    • As low as 2 Ω/5 μH in mono mode
  • High power efficiency
    • 93.8% efficiency into an 8 Ω load
    • 90.6% efficiency into a 4 Ω load
    • 12.34 mA quiescent current with single 12 V PVDD supply
  • Single-supply operation with internal LDOs or option to use an external 5 V and 1.8 V supply for lowest power consumption
  • I2C control and hardware modes with up to 16 pin-selectable slots/addresses
  • Supported sample rates from 8 kHz to 192 kHz with 24-bit resolution
  • Multiple PCM audio serial data formats
    • TDM slave with support for up to 16 devices on a single bus
    • I2S or left justified slave
  • Adjustable full-scale output tailored for many PVDD sources
  • 2- and 3-cell Li-Ion batteries
  • Digital volume control with selectable smooth ramp
  • Automatic power-down function
  • Supply monitoring automatic gain control (AGC) function reduces system brownout
  • Standalone operational mode without I2C
  • Temperature sensor with 1°C step readout via I2C
  • Short-circuit, undervoltage, and thermal protection
  • Thermal early warning
  • Power-on reset
  • PVDD sensing ADC
  • 40-lead, 6 mm × 6 mm LFCSP with thermal pad
Additional Details
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TThe SSM3582A is a fully integrated, high efficiency, digital input stereo Class-D audio amplifier. The device can operate from a single supply and requires only a few external components, significantly reducing the circuit bill of materials.

A proprietary, spread spectrum Σ-Δ modulation scheme enables direct connection to the speaker and ensures state-of-the-art analog performance while lowering radiated emissions compared to other Class-D architectures. An optional ultralow electromagnetic interference (EMI) mode significantly reduces radiated emissions above 100 MHz, enabling longer speaker cable lengths. Audio is transmitted digitally to the amplifier, minimizing the possibility of signal corruption in digital environments. The amplifier provides outstanding analog performance, with a 106 dB signal-to-noise ratio and a low 0.004% total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N).

The SSM3582A operates from a single 4.5 V to 16.5 V supply and is capable of delivering 2× 15 W rms continuously into 8 Ω and 4 Ω loads at <1% total harmonic distortion (THD). The efficient modulation scheme maintains excellent power efficiency over a wide range of impedances: 93.8% into an 8 Ω load and 90.6% into a 4 Ω load. Optimization of the output pulse maintains performance at impedances as low as 3 Ω/5 μH, enabling its use with extended bandwidth tweeters.

The pulse code modulation (PCM) audio serial port supports most common protocols, such as I2S, left justified, and time division multiplexing (TDM), and can address up to 16 devices on a single interface, for up to 32 audio playback channels.

IC operation is controlled through a dedicated I2C interface. The two ADDRx pins (2×, five-level) define up to 16 individual addresses in I2C and standalone modes and automatically set the default TDM slots attribution.

A micropower shutdown mode is triggered by removing the digital audio interface clock, with a typical current of <1 μA. A software power-down mode is also available.

An automatic power-down feature shuts down the amplifier and the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) when no signal is present at the input, minimizing power consumption during digital silence. The device restarts when nonzero data is present at the input. Mute and unmute transitions are pop and click free.

The SSM3582A is specified over the commercial temperature range of −40°C to +85°C. The device has built in thermal shutdown and output short-circuit protection, as well as an early thermal warning with programmable gain limiting to maintain operation.

The SSM3582A is available in a 40-lead, 6 mm × 6 mm lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP), with a thermal pad to improve heat dissipation.


  • Mobile computing
  • All in one computers
  • Portable electronics
  • Wireless speakers
  • Televisions
Part Models 3
1ku List Price Starting From $4.18

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1

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SSM3582 Evaluation Board



SSM3582 Evaluation Board

SSM3582 Evaluation Board

Features and Benefits

  • 2×, 31.76 W into 4 Ω at16 V, THD + N = 10%

Product Detail

The EVAL-SSM3582Z is the evaluation board for the SSM3582 or the SSM3582A, integrated stereo, 31.76 W, high efficiency, Class D, audio amplifiers with a digital input. This evaluation board can be used for both the SSM3582 or the SSM3582A devices.

The application circuit requires few external components and can operate from a single 4.5 V to 16 V supply. The EVALSSM3582Z is capable of delivering 14.67 W of continuous output power to a 4 Ω load from a 12 V power supply, with <1% THD + N, or 31.76 W into a 4 Ω load from 16 V, 10% THD + N.

The SSM3582 and the SSM3582A feature a high efficiency, low noise modulation scheme that requires no external reconstruction filter (LC) output filters. This scheme provides high efficiency, even at low output power.

The EVAL-SSM3582Z and the SSM3582 or the SSM3582A operate with 93.8% efficiency at 10 W into an 8 Ω load or 90.6% efficiency at 18 W into 4 Ω load from a 12 V supply. The EVALSSM3582Z, the SSM3582, and the SSM3582A have a typical noise floor of 38.5 µV rms A weighted.

This user guide describes how to configure and use the EVALSSM3582Z. Read this user guide in conjunction with the SSM3582 and the SSM3582A data sheets, which provide specifications, internal block diagrams, a register map, and application guidance for the amplifiers.

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