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-6 dB Differential Line Receiver

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Part Details
  • High Common-Mode Rejection
    DC: 90 dB typ
    60 Hz: 90 dB typ
    20 kHz: 85 dB typ
  • Ultralow THD: 0.0006% typ @ 1 kHz
  • Fast Slew Rate: 10 V/ms typ
  • Wide Bandwidth: 7 MHz typ (G = 1/2)
  • Two Gain Levels Available: G = 1/2 or 2
  • Low Cost

Additional Details
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The SSM2143 is an integrated differential amplifier intended to receive balanced line inputs in audio applications requiring a high level of immunity from common-mode noise. The device provides a typical 90 dB of common-mode rejection (CMR), which is achieved by laser trimming of resistances to better than 0.005%.

Additional features of the device include a slew rate of 10 V/µs and wide bandwidth. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 0.004% over the full audio band, even while driving low impedance loads. The SSM2143 input stage is designed to handle input signals as large as +28 dBu at G = 1/2. Although primarily intended for G = 1/2 applications, a gain of 2 can be realized by reversing the +IN/-IN and SENSE/REFERENCE connections.

When configured for a gain of 1/2, the SSM2143 and SSM2142 Balanced Line Driver provide a fully integrated, unity gain solution to driving audio signals over long cable runs. For similar performance with G = 1, see SSM2141.

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