Dual, Low-Power, 500Mbps ATE Drivers/Comparators with 2mA Load

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Part Details
  • Low Power Dissipation: 900mW/Channel (typ)
  • High Speed: 500Mbps at 3VP-P
  • Programmable 2mA Active-Load Current
  • Low Timing Dispersion
  • Wide -1.5V to +6.5V Operating Range
  • Active Termination (3rd-Level Drive)
  • Low-Leakage Mode: 15nA (max)
  • Integrated Clamps
  • Interface Easily with Most Logic Families
  • Integrated PMU Connection
  • Digitally Programmable Slew Rate
  • Internal Termination Resistors
  • Low Offset Error
Additional Details
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The MAX9961/MAX9962 dual, low-power, high-speed, pin electronics driver/comparator/load (DCL) ICs include, for each channel, a three-level pin driver, a dual comparator, variable clamps, and an active load. The driver features a wide voltage range and high-speed operation, includes high-impedance and active-termination (3rd-level drive) modes, and is highly linear even at low voltage swings. The dual comparator provides low dispersion (timing variation) over a wide variety of input conditions. The clamps provide damping of high-speed device-under-test (DUT) waveforms when the device is configured as a high-impedance receiver. The programmable load supplies up to 2mA of source and sink current. The load facilitates contact/continuity testing and pullup of high-output-impedance devices.

The MAX9961A/MAX9962A provide tight matching of offset for the drivers and the comparators, allowing reference levels to be shared across multiple channels in cost-sensitive systems. Use the MAX9961B/MAX9962B for system designs that incorporate independent reference levels for each channel.

The MAX9961/MAX9962 provide high-speed, differential control inputs compatible with LVPECL, LVDS, and GTL. The MAX9961/MAX9962 are available with optional internal termination resistors. The open-collector comparator outputs are available with or without internal pullup resistors. The optional internal resistors significantly reduce the discrete component count on the circuit board.

A 3-wire, low-voltage, CMOS-compatible serial interface programs the low-leakage, slew-rate limit, and tri-state/ terminate operational configurations of the MAX9961/MAX9962.

The MAX9961/MAX9962s' operating range is -1.5V to +6.5V with power dissipation of only 900mW per channel. The devices are available in a 100-pin, 14mm x 14mm body, and 0.5mm pitch TQFP. An exposed 8mm x 8mm die pad on the top (MAX9961) or bottom (MAX9962) of the package facilitates efficient heat removal. The device is specified to operate with an internal die temperature of +70°C to +100°C, and features a die temperature monitor output.


  • Commodity Memory ATE
  • Low-Cost Mixed-Signal/System-on-Chip ATE
  • PCI or VXI Programmable Digital Instruments

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