Advanced Smart Battery Pack Controller

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MAX1780 Advanced Battery Pack Is a Smart Battery Pack Supervisor That Integrates a User-Programmable Microcontroller Core, Coulomb Counting Fuel Gauge, and Primary Pack Protector

Part Details
  • User Programmable Using an External EEPROM
  • Accurate Fuel Gauge Uses V-to-F Method
    • < 1µV Input Offset Voltage
    • No External Calibration Required
  • Eliminates Separate Primary Protection IC
    • 50mV Accurate Individual Cell Voltage
  • Measurements
    • Built in Protection MOSFET Gate Drivers
    • Over Charge & Discharge Current Protection
  • Fully Integrated LDO (VIN = 4V to 28V)
  • 8-bit RISC Microcontroller Core
    • On-board 1.5K ROM & 0.5K Program RAM
    • 144 Bytes Data Memory
    • Fast Start-up 3.5MHz Instruction Oscillator
    • Watch Dog Timer
  • Hardware SMBus with Master Capability
  • GPIO Port and High Voltage LED Drivers
  • Typical Operating Currents < 200µA Achievable
  • Typical Shutdown Current of 1nA
Additional Details
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The MAX1780 Advanced Battery Pack Controller is a smart battery pack supervisor that integrates a User programmable Microcontroller Core, Coulomb-Counter-based Fuel Gauge, a multi-channel Data Acquisition Unit, a high-speed SPI Interface, and a Master/Slave SMBus Interface. The 8-bit, RISC, Microcontroller core is user programmable, and provides battery pack designers with complete flexibility in developing fuel gauging and control algorithms. The Data Acquisition Unit can measure individual cell voltages to within 50mV, total battery stack voltage (up to 20.48V), and chip internal/external temperature.

The user adjustable overcurrent comparators, along with individual cell voltage measurements, allow the MAX1780 to eliminate a separate primary pack protection IC. The MAX1780 can be directly connected to 2 to 4 series Lithium Ion cells, and supplies itself through a fully integrated 3.4V lowdrop out linear regulator.


  • Data Acquisition
  • Proprietary Battery Packs
  • Remote Data Logging
  • SMBus™ Battery Packs
Complete documentation is available upon completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). To request an NDA, click here.

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