Features and Benefits

  • Robust Protection Reduces System Downtime
    • Wide Input-Supply Range: +5.5V to +60V
    • Active Power Limit to Protect Supply or Load (MAX17526A)
    • Programmable Input Overvoltage Setting up to 40V
    • Negative Input Fault Tolerant (with External NFET)
    • Reverse Current Protection (with External NFET)
    • Low RON Internal NFET (30mΩ typ)
  • Dual-Stage Current Limiting
    • 1.0x Startup Current (MAX17526A)
    • 1.5x Startup Current (MAX17526B)
    • 2.0x Startup Current (MAX17526C)
  • Fast Startup and Brownout Recovery
    • Continuous Current-Limit During Startup
    • Thermal Foldback Current-Limit
  • Flexible Design to Maximize Reuse and Minimize Requalification
    • Adjustable UVLO and OVLO Thresholds
    • Programmable Forward-Current Limit: 0.2A to 0.6A with ±10% Accuracy and 0.6A to 6.0A with ±8.5% Accuracy Over Full Temperature Range
    • Programmable Overcurrent Response: Continuous, Autoretry, and Latch-Off Modes
    • Logic Level and High-Voltage Enable Inputs (EN and Active-Low HVEN)
    • Protected External NFET Gate Drive
  • Reduced Solution Footprint
    • 20-Pin 5mm x 5mm TQFN-EP Package
    • Integrated NFET for Common-Use Protection Requirements

Product Details

The Olympus series of ICs are the industry's smallest and robust integrated system protection solutions. The MAX17526A adjustable power limiter offers a unique feature to limit power drawn from supplies or delivered to loads, amongst a host of protection features. These protection features include adjustable input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, positive and negative input voltage protection, overcurrent protection, reverse-current protection and overtemperature protection. The device features a built-in low RON (30mΩ typ) NFET, and an integrated gate drive for an optional external NFET.

The device highlights a power limit feature that allows programmed reduction in current limit, as an inverse function of an external voltage. Input or output power limit is achieved by limiting the current through the device as a function of input or output voltages.

Input undervoltage protection level is adjustable between 5.5V and 24V, and input overvoltage protection level is adjustable between 6V and 40V. The input undervoltage lockout (UVLO) threshold and overvoltage lockout (OVLO) threshold are adjusted using external resistors. The device offers a factory preset internal UVLO and OVLO thresholds at 12.4V (typ) and 36.2V (typ) respectively. The factory preset levels can be invoked by connecting the UVLO and/or the OVLO pins to GND.

The device features programmable current limit protection up to 6A. Current limit threshold is programmed by connecting a resistor from the SETI pin to GND. When the device current reaches the programmed threshold, the controller inside the device prevents further increase in current by modulating the internal NFET resistance. The device offers three different behavioral modes under current limited operation: Continuous mode, Autoretry mode, and Latch-off mode. The continuous current limit feature offers control of inrush current at startup while charging high capacitances at the output side. Two additional part options that feature a dual-stage current-limit mode, in which the current is continuously limited to 1.5x (MAX17526B) and 2.0x (MAX17526C), the programmed limits, are available upon request. The power limit feature is disabled in the MAX17526B/C part options. The voltage appearing on the SETI pin is proportional to the instantaneous current flowing through the device, and can be read by the supervisory system.

MAX17526A also offers reverse-current protection and input reverse voltage polarity protection when deployed with an external NFET, and built-in overtemperature protection. It is available in a 20-pin 5mm x 5mm TQFN-EP package. The device operates over -40°C to +125°C extended temperature range.


  • Control and Automation
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Industrial Power Distribution Systems
  • Motion Control Drives

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