1075ksps, 12-Bit, Parallel-Output ADCs with ±10V, ±5V and 0–5V Analog Input Ranges

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Single-Channel Version of the MAX1304–MAX1315 Family

Part Details
  • ±1 LSB INL, ±0.9 LSB DNL (max)
  • 84dBc SFDR, -86dBc THD, 71dB SINAD, fIN = 500kHz at -0.4dBFS
  • Extended Input Ranges
    • 0 to +5V (MAX1307)
    • -5V to +5V (MAX1311)
    • -10V to +10V (MAX1315)
  • Fault-Tolerant Inputs
    • ±6V (MAX1307)
    • ±16.5V (MAX1311/MAX1315)
  • Fast 0.72µs Conversion Time
  • 12-Bit, 20MHz Parallel Interface
  • Internal or External Clock
  • +2.5V Internal Reference or +2.0V to +3.0V External Reference
  • +5V Analog Supply, +3V to +5V Digital Supply
    • 36mA Analog Supply Current
    • 1.3mA Digital Supply Current
    • Shutdown Mode
  • 48-Pin TQFP Package (7mm x 7mm Footprint)
Additional Details
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The MAX1307/MAX1311/MAX1315 12-bit, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature a 1075ksps sampling rate, a 20MHz input bandwidth, and three analog input ranges. The MAX1307 provides a 0 to +5V input range, with ±6V fault-tolerant inputs. The MAX1311 provides a ±5V input range with ±16.5V fault-tolerant inputs. The MAX1315 provides a ±10V input range with ±16.5V fault-tolerant inputs.

The MAX1307/MAX1311/MAX1315 include an on-chip 2.5V reference. These devices also accept an external +2V to +3V reference.

All devices operate from a +4.75 to +5.25V analog supply, and a +2.7V to +5.25V digital supply. The devices consume 36mA total supply current when fully operational. A 0.62µA shutdown mode is available to save power during idle periods.

A 20MHz, 12-bit, parallel data bus provides the conversion results. An internal 15MHz oscillator, or an externally applied clock, drives conversions.

Each device is available in a 48-pin 7mm x 7mm TQFP package and operates over the extended (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range.


  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Industrial Process Control and Automation
  • Vibration and Waveform Analysis

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