Features and Benefits

  • Dual matched PNP transistor
  • Low offset voltage: 100 µV max
  • Low noise: 1 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz max
  • High gain: 100 min
  • High gain bandwidth: 190 MHz typ
  • Tight gain matching: 3% max

Product Details

The MAT03 dual monolithic PNP transistor offers excellent parametric matching and high frequency performance. Low noise characteristics (1nV/√Hz max @ 1 kHz), high bandwidth (190 MHz typical), and low offset voltage (100 µV max), makes the MAT03 an excellent choice for demanding preamplifier applications. Tight current gain matching (3% max mismatch) and high current gain (100 min), over a wide range of collector current, makes the MAT03 an excellent choice for current mirrors. A low value of bulk resistance (typically 0.3 Ohm) also makes the MAT03 an ideal component for applications requiring accurate logarithmic conformance.

Each transistor is individually tested to data sheet specifications. Device performance is guaranteed at 25°C and over the extended industrial and military temperature ranges. To insure the long-term stability of the matching parameters, internal protection diodes across the base-emitter junction clamp any reverse base-emitter junction potential. This prevents a base-emitter break-down condition which can result in degradation of gain and matching performance due to excessive breakdown current.

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