Silent Switcher®

ADI’s Silent Switcher regulators bring new levels of performance for synchronous step down dc to dc converters. Combining 2MHz switching, high efficiency and ultra-low EMI, they offer very compact and low EMI power solutions.

Maximum input voltages range from 8 V to 65 V make them ideal for a wide range of applications that require from 1 A up to 15 A of output current, including those found in:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Communications systems

The Silent Switcher family uses special design and packaging techniques to offer 95% efficiency at 2MHz while easily passing the CISPR 25 Class 5 Peak EMI limits. Silent Switcher 2 adds internal bypass capacitors and an integrated substrate to further improve EMI which is not sensitive to PCB layout, simplifying designs and reducing performance risks even when using two-layer PC boards.

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chip-LT8650SThe LT8650S combines high efficiency at high frequencies and an ultralow EMI design to deliver a very compact dual output 4A (6A peak) synchronous step-down solution. It delivers efficiency as high as 94.4% (12VIN to 5VOUT) with a switching frequency of 2MHz offering a very compact solution footprint. The LT8650S’s unique Silent Switcher®2 architecture uses four internal input capacitors as well as internal BST and INTVCC capacitors to minimize the area of the hot loops.

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Silent Switcher PST

How Silent Switcher™ technology reduces EMI within our Power by Linear™ µModule regulators.

Power by Linear

Analog Devices’ Power by Linear power management ICs provide high performance solutions for power conversion applications in the automotive, telecommunications, industrial, medical, computing, military, and high end consumer markets. Our ICs provide unmatched power densities, reliability, and software design tools, along with the customer support to provide fast and accurate power supply designs.

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This free, high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture, and waveform viewer features enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators.

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