Features and Benefits

  • 13-bit resolution
  • 20/40 MSPS Maximum Sampling Rate
  • Ultra-Low Power Dissipation: 19/33 mW
  • 72 dB SNR @ 8 MHz FIN
  • Internal reference circuitry
  • 1.8 V Core Supply Voltage
  • 1.7 - 3.6 V I/O supply voltage
  • Parallel CMOS output
  • Pin compatible with HMCAD1051-40
  • 6x6 mm QFN 40 Pin (LP6H) Package

Product Details

The HMC877LC3 is a phase shifter/time delay with 0 to 500°(1.4 UI) continuously adjustable shift/delay range. The delay control is linearly monotonic with respect to the differential control voltage (VDCP, VDCN) and the control input has a modulation bandwidth of 2.5 GHz. The device provides a differential output voltage with constant amplitude for singleended or differential input voltages above the input sensitivity level, while the output voltage swing may be adjusted using the VAC control pin. The HMC877LC3 features internal temperature compensation and bias circuitry to minimize delay variations with temperature. The device also features a delay control voltage range adjustment pin, LC. All RF input and outputs of the HMC877LC3 are internally terminated with 50 Ohms to VCC, and may either be AC or DC coupled. Output pins can be connected directly to a 50 Ohm to VCC terminated system, while DC blocking capacitors must be used if the terminated system input is 50 Ohms to a DC voltage other than VCC. The HMC877LC3 is available in ROHS-compliant 3x3 mm SMT package.


The HMC877LC3 is ideal for:

  • Synchronization of clock and data
  • Transponder design
  • Broadband Test & Measurement
  • RF ATE Applications

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