ADI HMC A/D Converter Evaluation Software Download

Thank you for your interest in the Analog Devices' HMC "A/D Converter Evaluation Software".

Build No. 405, Rev. G

This software suite is a part of Analog Devices' HMC Product ADC Evaluation Kit. It allows users to configure HMC ADC evaluation boards, and capture and analyze data from the evaluation boards.

Hardware Requirements

  • Xilinx® SP-601 FPGA development board with EasyStack Firmware Programmed
  • HMC A/D Converter Evaluation Board with FMC Connector

System Requirements

  • Windows XP®, Windows XP x64®, Windows Vista®, Windows Vista x64®, Windows 7®, Windows 7 x64® with Java© 1.6 Installed
  • Linux and Macintosh© with Java© 1.6 is supported. Please contact Hittite Microwave for details