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0.5 Watt PIN MMIC High Isolation SPDT Switch, 2 - 50 GHz

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Part Details
  • High Isolation: 45 dB @
    26 GHz
  • Low Insertion Loss: 0.9 dB
    @ 26 GHz
  • Reflective Design
  • Die Size: 1.75 x 1.1 x 0.1 mm

Additional Details
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The HMC975 is a broadband high isolation series shunt reflective PIN SPDT MMIC chip. Covering 2 to 50 GHz, the switch features 45 dB isolation and 0.9 dB insertion loss at 26 GHz. The HMC975 is capable of switching 1/2W of power from 12 to 50 GHz. The HMC975 operates from a positive (30mA) supply current and a negative (-10V) supply voltage. Bias control signals for the switch consists of a reverse bias voltage of -10V typical for ON state and a forward bias current of 30 mA for the OFF state.


  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Microwave Radio & VSAT
  • Military Radios, Radar & ECM
  • Space Systems
  • Test Instrumentation

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