Features and Benefits

  • Saturated Output Power:
    34 dBm at 24% power added efficiency (PAE)
    33 dBm at 20% PAE
  • Output third-order intercept point (IP3): 40 dBm
  • Gain: 22 dB or 26 dB
  • DC supply: 7 V at 1,300 mA
  • 50 Ω matched input/output
  • Packages:
    2.51 mm × 2.51 mm × 0.1 mm die
    5 mm × 5 mm, Pb-free SMT

Product Details

The HMC486 devices are high dynamic range, GaAs, PHEMT, MMIC, 2 W power amplifiers that operate from 7 GHz to 9 GHz. These amplifiers provide 22 dB or 26 dB of gain, 33dBm or 34 dBm of saturated power and 20% PAE 24% PAE, respectively, from a 7 V supply voltage. Output IP3 is 40 dBm typical. The RF inputs/outputs are dc blocked and matched to 50 Ω for ease use or integration into multichip modules (MCMs). For the chip package, data is taken with the chip in a 50 Ω test fixture connected via 0.025mm (1 mil) diameter wire bonds of minimal length 0.31mm (12 mils). The SMT package eliminates the need for wire bonding, allowing use of surface mount manufacturing techniques.


  • Point to point radios
  • Point to multipoint radios
  • Test equipment and sensors
  • Military end use
  • Space

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