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Low Noise Amplifier SMT with AGC, 5 - 6 GHz

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Part Details
  • LNA with 18 dB Gain Control
  • +3V Operation
  • Low Noise Figure: 2.5 dB
  • No External Components
  • Ultra Small 8 Lead MSOP
Additional Details
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The HMC318MS8G(E) is a surface mount low cost C-band variable gain low noise amplifier (VGLNA) that serves the full UNII and HiperLAN bands. The HMC318MS8G(E) operates using a single positive supply that can be set between +3V or +5V. When a control voltage of 0V to +3V is applied, the gain of the amplifier will decrease while maintaining excellent return loss performance. A maximum gain of 9 dB is achieved when VCTL is set    to 0V and a minimum gain of -9 dB is achieved when Vctl is set to +3V.


  • UNII
  • HiperLAN

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