Part Details
  • Broadband Performance: DC - 8 GHz
  • Very High Isolation: 45 dB @ 6 GHz
  • Non-Reflective Design
  • Low Cost MSOP-8 Package: 14.8 mm²
Additional Details
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The HMC270MS8G(E) is a broadband non-reflective GaAs SPDT switch in an 8 lead MSOP grounded base surface mount plastic package. Covering DC to 8 GHz, the switch offers excellent isolation from 70 to 35 dB. The negative control voltage of -5 volts allows operation down to DC. If positive control is required along with high isolation, see the DC to 3.5 GHz HMC284MS8G non- reflective SPDT.


  • CATV
  • MMDS & Wireless LAN
  • Wireless Local Loop 

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