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Wideband VCO w/Buffer Amplifier Module, 8.0 - 12.5 GHz

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Part Details
  • Wide Tuning Bandwidth
  • High Output Power: +21 dBm
  • SSB Phase Noise: -83 dBc/Hz @100 kHz
  • No External Resonator Needed
  • Single Positive Supply: +8V to +15V @ 195 mA
  • Hermetically Sealed Module
  • Field Replaceable SMA Connectors
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature
Additional Details
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The HMC-C030 is a wideband GaAs InGaP Voltage Controlled Oscillator which incorporates the resonator, negative resistance device, and varactor diode. An internal voltage regulator provides excellent 0.2 MHz/V frequency pushing while the output buffer amplifier boosts output power to +20 dBm; which is enough to drive one or two mixers.

Phase noise performance is stable over temperature due to the oscillator’s monolithic construction. The Vtune port accepts an analog tuning voltage from 0 to +13V. The HMC-C030 VCO operates from a single +8V to +15V supply, and is housed in a hermetically sealed module. This wideband VCO uniquely combines the attributes of small size, low phase noise, wide tuning range and high output power.


  • Industrial/Medical Equipment
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Military Radar, EW & ECM
  • Lab Instrumentation

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