Spread-Spectrum EconOscillator

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Part Details
  • User-Programmable Square-Wave Generator
  • Frequencies Programmable from 260kHz to 133MHz
  • 2% or 4% Selectable Dithered Output
  • Glitchless Output-Enable Control
  • 2-Wire Serial Interface
  • Nonvolatile Settings
  • 5V Supply
  • No External Timing Components Required
  • Power-Down Mode
  • 10kHz Master Frequency Step Size
  • EMI Reduction
Additional Details
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The DS1086 EconOscillator™ is a programmable clock generator that produces a spread-spectrum (dithered) square-wave output of frequencies from 260kHz to 133MHz. The selectable dithered output reduces radiated-emission peaks by dithering the frequency 2% or 4% below the programmed frequency. The DS1086 has a power-down mode and an output-enable control for power-sensitive applications. All the device settings are stored in nonvolatile (NV) EEPROM memory allowing it to operate in stand-alone applications.


  • Cable Modems
  • Cell Phones
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Copiers
  • PCs
  • Printers

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

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Maxim Analog Essentials Collection of Peripheral Modules



Maxim Analog Essentials Collection of Peripheral Modules

Maxim Analog Essentials Collection of Peripheral Modules

Features and Benefits

  • Data Converter, Interface, Clock, Sensor, and Other Modules Included to Address Many Design Needs
  • Plug in Modules Enable Rapid Hardware Prototyping
  • Proven Software Drivers Reduce Development Time
  • FPGA Configuration Files Included to Simplify Design Effort

Product Detail

Maxim Analog Essentials is a collection of peripheral modules which can plug directly into any FPGA/CPU expansion port which follows the Pmod™ standard established by Digilent, Inc. The collection includes modules containing a wide variety of commonly used analog and mixed signal functions. The modules are supported by software which includes FPGA configuration files for three popular FPGA platforms: Avnet LX-9, Digilent Nexys 3 and Avnet ZEDBoard, as well as example programs to exercise and demonstrate each module. While the example programs demonstrate the module’s functionality, they are well partitioned and documented allowing the core routines to be easily cut and pasted into your own programs. The combination of plug-in simplicity and easy software integration allows for quick migration from idea to working prototype.

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