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Features and Benefits

  • Replaces 8 Potentiometers
  • 1 MHz 4-Quadrant Multiplying Bandwidth
  • No Signal Inversion
  • Low Zero Output Error
  • Eight Individual Channels
  • 3-Wire Serial Input
  • 500 kHz Update Data Loading Rate
  • ±3 volt Output Swing
  • Midscale Preset, Zero Volts Out

Product Details

The DAC-8840 provides eight general purpose digitally controlled voltage adjustment devices. The TrimDAC® capability allows replacement of the mechanical trimmer function in new designs. The DAC-8840 is ideal for ac or dc gain control of up to 1 MHz bandwidth signals. The 4-quadrant multiplying capability is useful for signal inversion and modulation often found in video convergence circuitry.

Internally the DAC-8840 contains eight voltage output CMOS digital-to-analog converters, each with separate reference inputs. Each DAC has its own DAC register which hold its output state. These DAC registers are updated from an internal serial-to-parallel shift register which is loaded from a standard 3-wire serial input digital interface. Twelve data bits make up the data word clocked into the serial input register. This data word is decoded where the first 4 bits determine the address of the DAC register to be loaded with the last 8 bits of data. A serial data output pin at the opposite end of the serial register allows simple daisy-chaining in multiple DAC applications without additional external decoding logic.

The DAC-8840 consumes only 190 mW from ±5 V power supplies. For single 5 V supply applications consult the DAC-8841.

The DAC-8840 is available in 24-pin plastic DIP, cerdip, and SOIC-24 packages.

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All products in this family will be obsolete soon. Please contact ADI Sales or Distributors to arrange for final purchases and read our Obsolescence Information to review the time periods for placing final orders and receiving final shipments.

Tools & Simulations

Precision DAC Error Budget Tool

The Precision DAC Error Budget Tool is a web application that calculates the DC Accuracy of precision DAC signal chains. It shows how the static errors accumulate throughout your signal chain to quickly evaluate the design tradeoffs. Calculations include the DC errors introduced by Voltage References, Operation Amplifiers and Precision DACs.

Precision DAC Error Budget Tool

Design Resources

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