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COMDAC® Companding D/A Converter (µ-255 Law)

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Part Details
  • Conforms with Bell System µ-Companding Law
  • Multiplying Reference Inputs
  • Meets D3 Compandor Tracking Specifications
  • Simplifies PCM System Designs
  • Both Encode and Decode Capability
  • High Reliability
  • Low Power Consumption and Low Cost
  • Tight Full-Scale Tolerance Eliminates Calibration
  • Fully Specified Dice Available
  • Low Full-Scale Drift Over Temperature
  • Extremely Low Noise Contribution
Additional Details
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The DAC88 monolithic COMDAC D/A Converter provides a 15-segment linear approximation to the Bell System µ-255 companding law. The law is implemented by using three bits to select one of eight binarily-related chords (or segments) and four bits to select one of sixteen linearly-related steps withing each chord. A sign bit determines signal polarity and an encode/decode input determines the mode of operation.

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