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Combined Gyroscope and Tri-Axis Accelerometer

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  • Combined yaw gyroscope and tri-axis, low-g accelerometer
  • Temperature compensated, high precision bias, and sensitivity performance
  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • ±30 mg accelerometer bias stability over temperature
  • ±2°/sec gyroscope null stability over temperature
  • 2.5 mg rms typical accelerometer noise at 35.6 Hz
  • 0.1°/sec rms typical gyroscope noise at 35.6 Hz
  • Gyroscope: linear acceleration rejection of 0.03°/sec/g
  • Accelerometer: +/-32g overload performance
  • SPI digital output with a 16-bit data-word and a 4-bit CRC
  • Comprehensive electromechanical fail-safe features
  • 6 kHz data update rate
  • Programmable filter response
  • <16 mA quiescent current draw
  • 3.3 V or 5 V operation
  • −40°C to +105°C temperature range
  • 16-lead inverted cavity SOIC package for robust EMI performance
Additional Details
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The ADXC1501 is a yaw rate gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer combined in a single package. It is designed for electronic stability control (ESC) and other high performance applications that require yaw rate and acceleration signals simultaneously. An internal temperature sensor compensates offset and sensitivity performance, providing excellent stability over the −40°C to +105°C temperature range.

A digital serial port interface (SPI) transmits the yaw rate and acceleration data to a host microcontroller. A 4-bit cyclical redundancy check (CRC) provides fault coverage for the transmitted SPI data, and internal fault detection routines ensure the integrity of all reported yaw rates and acceleration data. A fully integrated electromechanical continuous self-test (CST) routine provides run-time diagnostic capability for assessing the health of each MEMS element.

An advanced gyroscope sensor design rejects the linear acceleration effects of shock and vibration, enabling the ADXC1501 to operate in harsh environments. The accelerometer signal chain is designed to prevent overload conditions from occurring in these same harsh environments.

The ADXC1501 is designed to operate at either 3.3 V or 5 V. At less than 16 mA current consumption, the ADXC1501 can be used in energy sensitive applications.


  • Electronic stability control
  • Chassis control
Part Models 2
1ku List Price
price unavailable

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