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CMOS 135MHz True-Color Graphics Triple 8-Bit Video RAM-DAC

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The ADV473 is a complete analog output, Video RAM-DAC on a single CMOS monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed for true-color computer graphics systems.

The ADV473 integrates a number of graphic functions onto one device allowing 24-bit direct true-color operation at the maximum screen update rate of 135 MHz. It can also be used in other modes, including 15-bit true color and 8-bit pseudo or indexed color. The ADV473 is fully PS/2 and VGA register level compatible. It is also capable of implementing IBM's XGA standard.

The device consists of three, high speed, 8-bit, video D/A converters (RGB), a 256x24 RAM which can be configured as a look-up table or a linearization RAM, a 24-bit wide parallel pixel input port and three 15x8 overlay registers. The part is controlled through the MPU port by the various on-board control/ command registers.

The individual red, green and blue pixel input ports allow true-color, image rendition. True-color image rendition, at speeds of up to 135 MHz, is achieved through the 24-bit pixel input port. The ADV473 is also capable of implementing 8-bit true color, 8-bit pseudo color and 15-bit true color.

The ADV473 is capable of generating RGB video output signals, without requiring external buffering, and which are compatible with RS-343A and RS-170 video standards. All digital inputs and outputs are TTL compatible.

The part can be driven by the on-board voltage reference or an external voltage reference.

The part is packaged in a 68-pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC).

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