Features and Benefits

  • Two precision 20-bit Σ-Δ ADCs
  • Programmable ADC conversion rates from 4 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • On-chip precision voltage reference
  • Primary ADC
    • Differential voltage inputs to a 20-bit Σ-Δ ADC
    • Programmable gain (from 4 to 512)
    • Digital comparator with accumulator
    • ADC absolute input voltage range: −200 mV to +300 mV
  • Auxiliary ADC
    • Flexible input mux for input channel selection
    • Single-ended voltage input (can be interfaced to an external temperature sensor), internal temperature sensor input, or diagnostic supply input
  • Microcontroller
    • Arm Cortex-M3 32-bit processor
    • 16.384 MHz precision oscillator with 1% accuracy
    • Serial wire download (SWD) port supporting code download and debug
  • Automotive qualified integrated LIN transceiver
    • LIN 2.2-compatible slave
    • SAE J-2602-compatible slave
    • Low electromagnetic emissions (EME)
    • High electromagnetic immunity (EMI)
  • Memory
    • 128 kB Flash/EE memory, ECC
    • 6 kB SRAM, ECC
    • 4 kB data Flash/EE memory, ECC
    • 10,000 cycle Flash/EE endurance
    • 20-year Flash/EE data retention
  • In circuit download via SWD and LIN
  • On-chip peripherals: SPI, GPIO port, general-purpose timer, wake-up timer, watchdog timer, and on-chip POR
  • Power
    • Operates directly from an external voltage supply, varying from 3.6 V to 18 V
    • Power consumption, 8 mA typical (16 MHz) at TA = −40°C to +115°C
    • Low power monitor mode
  • Package and temperature range
    • 6 mm × 6 mm, 32-lead LFCSP
    • Fully specified for −40°C to +115°C operation, additional specifications are available for +115°C to +125°C operation
    • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications

Product Details

The ADuCM300 is a fully integrated, 8 kSPS (8000 Hz conversion rate) data acquisition system that incorporates dual, high performance, Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M3 processor, and microcontroller unit (MCU) subsystem. The ADuCM300 has a 128 kB program Flash/EE, 4 kB data Flash/EE, and 6 kB static random access memory (SRAM).

The ADuCM300 is a complete system solution for external precision sensor voltage measurements in automotive applications. Minimizing external system components, the device can be powered directly from an external voltage supply that varies from 3.6 V to 18 V. On-chip, low dropout (LDO) regulators generate the supply voltages for the integrated digital and analog subsystems.

The analog subsystem consists of two 20-bit Σ-Δ ADCs: a primary ADC and an auxiliary ADC. The primary ADC accepts a differential input and is ideally suited to interface external sensors with low level signal amplitude outputs integrating a low noise, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), and precision, low drift reference. The auxiliary ADC is connected to a flexible input multiplexer and can measure external single-ended sensor input voltages (AIN5/GND_SW), the internal (on-chip) temperature sensor, or monitor the supply voltage connected to AIN4 (see Figure 1 on the datasheet).

The ADuCM300 operates from an on-chip, 16.384 MHz, high frequency oscillator that supplies the system clock. This clock is routed through a programmable clock divider from which the core clock operating frequency is generated. The device also contains a 32 kHz oscillator for low power operation.

The ADuCM300 integrates a range of on-chip peripherals that can be configured under core software control as required in the application. These peripherals include a serial peripheral interface (SPI) input/output communication controller, six general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, one general-purpose timer, a wake-up timer (WUT), and a watchdog timer (WDT).

The ADuCM300 operates in battery-powered applications where low power operation is critical. The microcontroller core can be configured in normal operating mode, resulting in an overall system current consumption of <18.5 mA when all peripherals are active. The device can also be configured in a number of low power operating modes under direct program control, consuming <100 µA. The ADuCM300 includes a local interconnect network (LIN) physical interface for single wire, high voltage communications in automotive environments.

The device operates from an external 3.6 V to 18 V (on VDD, Pin 26) voltage supply and is specified over the −40°C to +115°C temperature range, with additional specifications available for the +115°C to +125°C temperature range.

For more information and register details, see the ADuCM300 Hardware Reference Manual.


  • LIN sensor interface for automotive applications
  • General powertrain, body and chassis sensing
  • Current and voltage sensing for industrial applications

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