Part Details
  • Efficient asynchronous boost converter for driving up to 6 white LEDs
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V input voltage range
  • 128 programmable backlight LED current levels (30 mA maximum)
  • Programmable backlight fade-in/fade-out times
  • Programmable backlight dim and off times
  • Ambient light sensing with autonomous backlight adjustment
  • 3 auxiliary LED current sinks
  • 64 programmable auxiliary LED current levels (14 mA maximum)
  • Programmable auxiliary LED fade-in/fade-out times
  • Programmable auxiliary LED on and off times (allows blinking)
  • I2C-compatible serial interface
  • More Features are found on the data sheet

Additional Details
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The ADP5501 is a versatile, single-chip, white LED backlight driver with programmable ambient light sensor input and programmable LED current. This device is designed for media-enabled handset applications. The ADP5501 uses an I2C®-compatible serial interface and a single line interrupt to communicate with the host processor.

The ADP5501 can detect ambient light levels and adjust the backlight brightness accordingly, resulting in extended battery life. Once configured, the ADP5501 is capable of controlling the display backlight intensity, on/off timing, dimming, and fading without the intervention of the main processor, which translates into valuable battery power savings. The three auxiliary LEDs are also capable of fading and are timed on and off via register programming.

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