Part Details
  • Fault and Overvoltage Protection up to ±40 V
    - Signal Paths Open Circuit with Power Off
    - Signal Path Resistance of RON with
    Power On
  • Low RON Match (5 O max)
  • 1 nA Max Path Current Leakage
    @ +25°C
  • 44 V Supply Maximum Ratings
  • Low On-Resistance (60 O typ)
  • Low Power Dissipation 0.8µW typ
  • Latchup-Proof Construction
  • 6-Lead SOT-23/µSOIC Packages
Additional Details
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The ADG466 is a triple channel protector. The channel protector is placed in series with the signal path. The channel protector will protect sensitive components from voltage transience in the signal path whether the power supplies are present or not. Because the channel protection works whether the supplies are present or not, the channel protectors are ideal for use in applications where correct power sequencing can't always be guaranteed (e.g., hot-insertion rack systems) to protect analog inputs. This is discussed further, and some example circuits are given in the "Applications" section of the data sheet.

The ADG466 can operate off both bipolar and unipolar supplies. The channels are normally on when power is connected and open circuit when power is disconnected. With power supplies of ±15 V, the on-resistance of the ADG466 is 50 (ohm) typ with a leakage current of ±1 nA max. When power is disconnected, the input leakage current is approximately ±5 nA typ.

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