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Dual, Integer-N 0.5 GHz/2.0 GHz PLL

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Part Details
  • ADF4216: 550 MHz/1.2 GHz
  • ADF4217: 550 MHz/2.0 GHz
  • ADF4218: 550 MHz/2.5 GHz
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V Power Supply
  • Selectable Charge Pump Currents
  • Selectable Dual Modulus Prescaler
    • IF: 8/9 or 16/17
    • RF: 32/33 or 64/65
  • 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • Power-Down Mode
Additional Details
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The ADF4216/ADF4217/ADF4218 is a dual frequency synthesizer which can be used to implement local oscillators in the up-conversion and down-conversion sections of wireless receivers and transmitters. They can provide the LO for both the RF and IF sections. They consist of a low-noise digital PFD (Phase Frequency Detector), a precision charge pump, a programmable reference divider, programmable A and B counters and a dual-modulus prescaler (P/P+1). The A (6-bit) and B (11-bit) counters, in conjunction with the dual modulus prescaler (P/P+1), implement an N divider (N= BP+A). In addition, the 14-bit reference counter (R Counter), allows selectable REFIN frequencies at the PFD input. A complete PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) can be implemented if the synthesizers are used with an external loop filter and VCO's (Voltage Controlled Oscillators)

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