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Active RF Splitter

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Part Details
  • Single 5 V supply
  • 54 MHz to 865 MHz CATV operating range
  • 4.6 dB of gain per output channel
  • 4.4 dB noise figure
  • 25 dB isolation between output channels
  • -16 dB input return loss
  • CSO of -73 dBc (135 channels, 
  • 15 dBmV per tone)
  • CTB of -66 dBc (135 channels,
    15 dBmV per tone)
  • 1.3 GHz, -3 dB bandwidth
Additional Details
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The ADA4302-4 is used as an active element in applications where a lossless signal split is required. Typical applications include multituner cable set-top boxes, cable splitter modules, multituner televisions, and home gateways where traditional solutions have consisted of discrete passive splitters followed by separate fixed gain amplifiers. The ADA4302-4 is a low cost alternative solution that simplifies designs and improves system performance by integrating a signal splitter element and gain element into a single IC solution.

The ADA4302-4 features four differential outputs. The differential architecture allows systems designed with the ADA4302-4 to maintain excellent linearity throughout the CATV band. The ADA4302-4 can also be configured for applications that require fewer than four outputs. Outputs may be configured independently from one another.

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