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Please be advised that we are no longer accepting orders for new design-ins on this product. Please consider the AD975X and AD976X products instead.

The AD9712B and AD9713B D/A converters are replacements for the AD9712 and AD9713 units which offer improved ac and dc performance. Like their predecessors, they are 12-bit, high speed digital-to-analog converters fabricated in an advanced oxide isolated bipolar process. The AD9712B is an ECL-compatible device featuring update rates of 100 MSPS minimum; the TTL-compatible AD9713B will update at 80 MSPS minimum.

Designed for direct digital synthesis, waveform reconstruction, and high resolution imaging applications, both devices feature low glitch impulse of 28 pV-s and fast settling times of 27 ns. Both units are characterized for dynamic performance and have excellent harmonic suppression.

The AD9712B and AD9713B are available in 28-pin plastic DIPs and PLCCs, with an operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C.

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