5 V CATV Line Driver Fine Step Output Power Control

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Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
Part Details
  • Supports DOCSIS Standard for Reverse Path Transmission
  • Gain Programmable in 0.75 dB Steps Over a 59.45 dB Range
  • Low Distortion at 61 dBmV Output
    –57 dBc SFDR at 21 MHz
    –55 dBc SFDR at 42 MHz
  • Output Noise Level: –48 dBmV in 160 kHz
  • Maintains 75Ω Output Impedance
  • Transmit Enable and Transmit Disable Modes
  • Upper Bandwidth:100 MHz (Full Gain Range)
  • 5 V Supply Operation
  • Supports SPI Interfaces
Additional Details
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The AD8325 is a low-cost, digitally controlled, variable gain amplifier optimized for coaxial line driving applications such as cable modems that are designed to the MCNS-DOCSIS upstream standard. An 8-bit serial word determines the desired output gain over a 59.45 dB range resulting in gain changes of 0.7526 dB/LSB.

The AD8325 is packaged in a low-cost 28-lead TSSOP, operates from a single 5 V supply, and has an operational temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

An evaluation board is available for this product and may be ordered using the following product number AD8325-EVAL.

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