Part Details
  • Latch-Proof
  • Overvoltage-Proof: ± 25V
  • Low RON: 75Ω 
  • Low Dissipation: 3mW

  • TTL/CMOS Direct Interface
  • Silicon-Nitride Passivated
  • Monolithic Dielectrically-Isolated CMOS
  • Standard 14-/16-Pin DIPs and 20-Terminal Surface Mount Packages

Additional Details
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The AD7510DI, AD7511DI and AD7512DI are a family of latch proof dielectrically isolated CMOS switches featuring over-voltage protection up to ±25 V above the power supplies. these benefits are obtained without sacrificing the low "ON" resistance (75W) or low leakage current (500 pA), the main features of an analog switch.

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