Part Details
  • 5 V Stereo Audio DAC System
  • Accepts 16-/18-/20-/24-Bit Data
  • Supports 24 Bits and 96 kHz Sample Rate
  • Multibit Sigma-Delta Modulator with “Perfect Differential Linearity Restoration” for Reduced Idle Tones and Noise Floor
  • Data Directed Scrambling DAC—Least Sensitive to Jitter
  • Differential Output for Optimum Performance
  • 113 dB Dynamic Range at 48 kHz Sample Rate (AD1854KRS)
  • See datasheet for additional features

Additional Details
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The AD1854 is a high performance, single-chip stereo, audio DAC delivering 113 dB Dynamic Range and 112 dB SNR (A-weighted—not muted) at 48 kHz sample rate. It is comprised of a multibit sigma-delta modulator with dither, continuous time analog filters and analog output drive circuitry. Other features include an on-chip stereo attenuator and mute, programmed through an SPI-compatible serial control port. The AD1854 is fully compatible with current DVD formats, including 96 kHz sample frequency and 24 bits. It is also backwards compatible by supporting 50 ms/15 ms digital de-emphasis intended for "redbook" 44.1 kHz sample frequency playback from compact discs.

The AD1854 has a very simple but very flexible serial data input port that allows for glueless interconnection to a variety of ADCs, DSP chips, AES/EBU receivers and sample rate converters. The AD1854 can be configured in left-justified, I2S, right-justified, or DSP serial port compatible modes. The AD1854 accepts serial audio data in MSB first, twos-complement format. A power-down mode is offered to minimize power consumption when the device is inactive. The AD1854 operates from a single 5 V power supply. It is fabricated on a single monolithic integrated circuit and housed in a 28-lead SSOP package for operation over the temperature range 0°C to 70°C.

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