Microprocessor Compatible 16-Bit D/A Converters

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The AD1147 and AD1148 are 16-bit resolution, hybrid, latched input, digital-to-analog converters. Their two 8-bit latched input DACs allow direct offset and gain correction via microprocessor interface.

The AD1147and AD1148 are constructed as hybrids in a compact 32-pin, triple wide dual-in-line package. Precision CMOS switches and a laser-trimmed thin-fllm resistor-network are used to provide 16-bit accuracy and excellent temperature stability.

The Main (16-bit) DAC is loaded as a 16-bit word. The offset and gain correction DACs are each loaded as 8-bit words. The AD1147 multiplexes both correction DACs' inputs with the Main DAC's eight LSBs. This pin sharing allows for additional pin connections providing: external reference input, a current output and feedback resistors for voltage output ranges of 0 to +5V, 0 to + 10V, ±5V and ±10V.

The AD1148 correction DACs' inputs are separate from the Main DAC's. The gain correction DAC's inputs are multiplexed with the offset DAC's 8-bit inputs. This allows for a separate 8-bit bus interface with the correction DACs - common in applications such as Automatic Test Equipment.

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