Analog Devices’ Precision Medium Bandwidth Signal Chain Platform Connects a Wide Range of Sensors

Analog Devices’ Precision Medium Bandwidth Signal Chain Platform Connects a Wide Range of Sensors

Analog Devices’ Precision Medium Bandwidth Signal Chain Platform Connect a Wide Range of Sensors Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced today a precision medium bandwidth signal chain platform improving system performance for signal bandwidths of DC to approximately 500kHz towards industrial and instrumentation applications. The new platform offers a host of complete signal chains with customizable solution options and a curated suite of development tools, such as LTspice® simulations, to simplify the design journey. These robust signal chains, designed for both time and frequency measurement precision, allow for end systems that can accept inputs from the widest array of sensor and measurement modalities from IEPE vibration and acceleration to temperature and pressure. The signal chains also support engineers in designing with confidence and tackling the most demanding precision instrumentation challenges in areas such as Condition Based Monitoring (CbM), large channel count or distributed data acquisition systems (DAQ), position and motor control, and sonar.

The signal chains included within the platform feature precision and power component selections that prioritize combined AC and DC accuracy design requirements, with options for single or multichannel systems as well as higher channel density for the largest channel count systems. Examples of precision medium bandwidth signal chain options provided with the platform include those that allow scaling of AC precision versus power for instrumentation, low latency options for motor control and position sensing, and highest density options using signal chain uModule SIP solutions or multichannel converters. Large channel count system designers can choose from signal chains where channel synchronization is a priority, whether in channel-isolated or non-isolated systems.

Precision Medium Bandwidth Key Features:

  • Optimizing signal chain resolution and gain delivers the 16-bit to 24-bit accuracy required, across the widest range of sensor bandwidths, for amplitudes both small and large
  • Flexibility to prioritize between noise performance, signal bandwidth, and power enables reuse of optimum layout and multiple use cases of the circuitry with simple software updates
  • Options for higher channel densities give the ability to scale the precision measurements to distributed or centralized large channel count scenarios

Pricing and Availability

Product Full Production Description Price Each per 1,000 Packaging
AD7768-1 Now DC to 204 kHz, Dynamic Signal Analysis, Precision 24-Bit ADC with Power Scaling $7.32 28-Lead LFCSP (4mm x 5mm x 0.75mm w/ EP)
AD8605 Now Precision, Low Noise, CMOS, RRIO Op Amp (single) $0.90 5-Lead SOT-23
ADA4807-1 Now Zero-drift, single-supply, rail-to-rail $1.28 6-Lead SC70
ADAQ4003 Now 18-Bit, 2 MSPS, μModule Data Acquisition Solution $23.49 49-Ball CSPBGA (7mm x 7mm)
LTC2606 Now 16-Bit rail-to-rail DACs with I2C interface $3.41 10-Lead DFN (3mm x 3mm w/ EP)

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