Precision Dual Output, High Current, Low Noise, Low Drift Reference

Precision and mixed signal applications usually require a voltage reference and at times several regulators or LDOs to support the analog circuitry. Separate regulators isolate the analog supply, digital supply and the voltage reference. The voltage reference supports the reference inputs of DACs and ADCs, and other devices that require a precise low noise voltage. The LT6658 satisfies the requirements of both, a voltage reference and regulator to provide an accurate voltage and enough current to supply power to sensitive precision analog blocks.

The LT6658 dual output high current reference has separate outputs with identical precision specifications rated at 150mA and 50mA. This is enough to provide current for precision mixed signal and analog applications. The precision specifications include 0.05% initial accuracy, 10ppm/°C drift, 0.1ppm/mA load regulation, and superior channel to channel isolation. The two isolated outputs track well over temperature, supply and load current.

Maximum input supply voltage is 36V making it ideal for automotive and industrial applications. The two 2.5V outputs can be separately scaled up with external resistors or left in unity gain. Each buffer is protected by a current limit circuit and a thermal shutdown circuit prevents the part from overheating.