Processors & DSP

Explore our portfolio of DSPs, mixed-signal control processors, embedded processors, and microcontrollers. This design center helps you reach your design goals quickly. Whether you are in the evaluation stage, the design stage, or prototyping stage, this page is your centralized information hub for processor and DSP design resources. Use the links on this page to compare products, to evaluate features, or to try out software. Frequently check for the latest design information, while you develop your product hardware and software.

Processors & DSP Resources

Use this linked list of processor and DSP design resources to explore the range of products and to visit the related EngineerZone support community.


Use hardware development tools from Analog Devices for the best experience interacting with signal processing hardware in real-time.   View More

Technical Library

Get the facts. When you start working with processor and DSP products, having the right information available at the right point in your process is critical to your success.   View More

Third Party Developers Program

Through our Third Party Developers program, a network of companies provide solutions (both hardware and software) and services for DSPs and processors from Analog Devices.   View More