Features and Benefits

  • Extensive API Library for AD916x 11/16-Bit, 12 GSPS, RF Digital-to-Analog Converters. 
  • API functions to initialize and configure AD9164 data path, JESD Interface and NCO 
  • Portable, platform agnostic, ANSI C source code. 
  • Compliant with most ANSI C compilers that meet the iso9899:1990 specification
  • Example reference application source code for target application integration and development. 

Product Details

The AD916x API library is a collection of APIs that provide a consistent interface the family of AD916x ADI High Speed Converter DAC devices. The library is a software layer that sits between the application and the DAC hardware. The library is intended to serve two purposes: 

  1. Provide the application with a set of APIs that can be used to configure DAC hardware without the need for low-level register access. This makes the application portable across different revisions of the hardware and even across different hardware modules. 

  2. Provide basic services to aid the application in controlling the DAC module, such as interrupt service routine, DAC high-level control and status information. 

The driver does not, in any shape or form, alter the configuration or state of DAC module on its own. It is the responsibility of the application to configure the part according to the required mode of operation, poll for status, etc... The library acts only as an abstraction layer between the application and the hardware.

Downloads And Related Software


The AD916x API library and example application source code is provided on an "AS IS" basis. Recipients must sign or accept the click through license agreement with ADI prior to downloading the API libraries.

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