Features and Benefits

  • Convenient Platform to Evaluate the MAX30009
  • Many Easy-to-Reach Test Points
  • Real-time Monitoring and Plotting
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • Bluetooth® LE
  • Windows® 10 Compatible GUI software

Product Details

The MAX30009EVKIT# evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a platform to evaluate the functionality and features of the MAX30009 Low-Power, High-Performance Bioimpedance (BioZ) Analog Front End. The EV kit allows for flexible hardware and software configurations to help the user quickly learn how to configure and optimize the MAX30009 for their applications.

The MAX30009 is a complete Bioimpedance (BioZ) analog front-end solution for wearable applications. It offers high performance for fitness, wellness, and clinical applications and ultra-low power for long battery life. The BioZ receive channel has ESD protection, EMI filtering, internal lead biasing, DC leads off detection, DRVN lead-off detection, and ultra-low power lead-on detection during standby mode. The BioZ receive channel also has high input impedance, low noise, high CMRR, programmable gain, various low-pass, and high-pass filter options, and two high-resolution analog to digital converters for simultaneous I and Q acquisition.

The MAX30009EVKIT# EV kit consists of two boards. MAXSENSORBLE_EVKIT_B is the microcontroller (MCU) board while MAX30009_EVKIT_B is the sensor board containing the MAX30009. The EV kit is powered by a LiPo battery, which is recharged through a USB-C cable. The EV Sys communicates with MAX30009GUI (should be installed in the user system) via Bluetooth® (WIN BLE).The EV kit contains the latest firmware but comes with the programming circuit board MAXDAP-TYPE-C in case a firmware change is needed.



  • Wearable Fitness, Wellness, and Medical Devices
  • Multifrequency Body Composition Analyzers
  • Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitors
  • Automatic External Defibrillators
  • Optimized Performance to Accurately Detect:
  • Respiration Rate
  • Galvanic Skin Response/Electrodermal Activity
  • Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
  • Body Composition and Fluid Analysis
  • Impedance Cardiography and Plethysmography

Tools & Simulations

Software Development


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